Make Money Faster

Writing like a Madison Avenue Marketing Pro

Whether you write for yourself, for an employer or clients, and want to make money faster,

Gil Effron’s book can help you and your bank account achieve overwhelming success!


“When it comes to creating and writing marketing messages and advertising campaigns, people too often rely on what they personally like. Unfortunately, what they like may not produce the outcomes they’re hoped for and anticipated because they’re writing to themselves, an audience of one!

“That’s precisely where my new book comes in.

“Inspired by New York’s reputation for world-class advertising and marketing agencies, Make Money Faster: Writing Like a Madison Avenue Marketing Pro provides a reliable, efficient, and commonsense approach that significantly improves customer/client/prospect engagement and bottom-line outcomes.

“Whether you write for yourself, for an employer or for clients, and desire to make money faster, this book can help you and your bank account achieve overwhelming success!”


Marketing Writing has LESS to do with Writing and MORE to do with Marketing!

Early in my career, I learned there was both an art and a science to marketing writing (often referred to as advertising copywriting).

The Science of Marketing Writing includes the basic rules, principles, and techniques that bring about an intended result and outcome. I’m talking about…

  • Developing and communicating a compelling story
  • Eliminating the prospect’s pain
  • Creating an emotional appeal
  • Stressing do-it-now urgency

Plus, the mechanics:

  • Writing in the present tense
  • Creating a “call to action” that communicates considerably more than the words “Buy now” or “Call today”
  • Anticipating and answering objections before prospects express them  
  • Avoiding jargon
  • Using clear, simple language
  • Writing your headline last

There are others, but you get the idea.

The Art of Marketing Writing is about applying and integrating the principles of marketing thinking, planning, and your intended outcomes and then stringing words and ideas together in such a way so they inspire your reader to act NOW!

The Art of Marketing Writing is too complicated to line-item. However, I can tell you it involves practice, learning from your mistakes, cultivating the craft, and above all, learning to think like a Madison Avenue marketing pro!

In fact, the more you can think like a Madison Avenue marketing pro, and the more you can plan like a marketing pro, the more effective your writing will be… and the more successful you will become as a marketing writer for yourself, your team, your clients, or your employers.

This book and my personal one-on-one mentoring are committed to helping you take giant strides toward learning and improving how you can think like a marketing pro so that you can plan and write like a marketing pro and enjoy the benefits of making more money faster.

If you’re NEW to marketing planning and writing, you’ll find the book and my one-on-one mentoring indispensable.

If you’ve been on the front lines of marketing for a while but aren’t realizing the outcomes (and cash rewards) you hoped for, the fundamentals and strategies in the book will provide you with ideas and insights to help you get back on track and as you hone your craft both as a marketing planner and a marketing writer.

In fact, the ideas, strategies, and techniques both in my book and my one-on-one mentoring will help you rethink your entire approach to marketing strategy, thinking, and planning as well as your approach to creating, developing, and launching powerful and effective marketing campaigns. They’ll save you time and money, and help you obtain better outcomes in the future.

So, here’s how you can gain a considerable edge in your business and career as a marketing strategist, thinker, planner, and writer:

Make Money Faster: Writing Like a Madison Avenue Marketing Pro

 A logical, reliable, and efficient book for marketers by Gil Effron