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Here’s a glimpse at how the process works… the in-person experience one of my clients had when they told me they needed “a new, better-looking website.”

Andrew Weinberg, Principal at Silver Fin Capital in Great Neck, New York,
explains his company’s first-hand experience with the process

“When my partner Richard Pisnoy and I first meet with Gil Effron, we explained we needed a fresh look for our website. According to Gil, before starting on a new website, we first needed to work through his marketing planning process. We were hesitant. But he explained that the process would guide us toward creating a strong message specifically targeted to the market.

“Just as Gil’s new book explains, he brought packs of Post-It Notes to our office. He walked us through the process and helped us think through the headings such as target market, features, benefits, value propositions and many others.

“For several weeks our conference room was covered with yellow Post-It Notes. With Gil’s leadership and guidance, we added, removed, and moved the Post-It Notes around until we’re satisfied with the hierarchy of each column.

“Once that was completed, Gil wrote the copy for the website and connected us with a top-notch web designer he works with. The outcome of the marketing exercise and the new website exceeded our expectation!

“We definitely recommend every business follow the marketing planning process Gil outlines in his new book.”


Gil doesn’t need to be in the room with you!

You can obtain the same outstanding results Andrew and his team experienced when you read and learn the lessons within Make Money Faster: Writing Like a Madison Avenue Marketing Pro and/or contact Gil regarding mentoring or an online masterclass for your team.


Make Money Faster: Writing Like a Madison Avenue Marketing Pro

 A logical, reliable, and efficient book for marketers by Gil Effron