It’s one thing to read a book.

It’s another to be mentored personally by the author!

Gil Effron explains his mentoring approach…

“If you own a business or are dedicated to a specific profession or career, I tailor my mentoring and writing assignments to your specific goals and needs and where you are in your career.

 “My mentees appreciate my flat monthly fee approach because they’re never compelled to watch the clock or to be concerned about additional or unexpected charges or fees. They also appreciate that my fees are affordable.

 “The monthly fee includes the time I spend on the phone for scheduled calls (two to four per month), for occasional back-and-forth emails, for critiquing your writing offline, and more. My goal is to help you professionalize the way you think about marketing your products or services, planning successful campaigns, and writing like a marketing pro.

“The mentoring fee is based on where you are in your career––just getting started or already in the game but wanting to up your skills as well as your personal and professional career goals.

 “I’ll explain the monthly fee during our telephone conversation that follows submission or your email to me.”


Our work together is month-to-month. I invoice via PayPal (only) with the monthly fee due 10 days prior to the beginning of each monthly interval. My fee includes worksheets and assignments and, if you haven’t already received purchased them, I will provide you with my two eBooks, MAKE MONEY FASTER: Write Like a Madison Avenue Marketing Pro and my bestselling book How to Close More Business in Less Time.


TO APPLY FOR MENTORING, select MENTORING on the Topic dropdown menu on the Contact Me page. Tell me you want more information about mentoring. I will email that information to you.

Consider a Masterclass

When your team, group, department, organization, or club recognize the need for improving marketing outcomes, my mentoring format changes to a Masterclass. Assignments are for the entire group. While you grow as a team each team member grows individually.

Masterclasses are held locally in the Tampa Bay area or are conducted via Zoom anywhere in the U.S.

Interested in learning about a Masterclass,

Select MASTERCLASS on the Topic dropdown menu on the Contact Me page. Tell me about yourself, your group or organization, and the potential number of participants in the masterclass.

I will email that information to you and provide information on how to schedule a conversation.

Meet Gil Effron

Gil has 35-plus years of experience in business and marketing. Early in his career, he owned and operated a boutique ad agency. Subsequently, he created a highly successful publishing business serving the marketing and promotional needs of over 125 direct mail and fulfillment businesses nationally. Since then, he’s consulted and advised a vast number of businesses.

An earlier work entitled How to Close More Business in Less Time, is an Amazon Bestseller. It outlines a strategy for businesses of all sizes to create and perfect a process that consistently enables them to close more business in less time and with predictably better outcomes. Previous books include How to Give Your Business an Extreme Marketing Makeover and Direct Mail Success [1].

Gil holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati, a master’s degree from Michigan State University, and pursued additional post-graduate studies at Ohio State University.

Just for fun, Gil has written, produced, directed and, of course, starred in Mystery Dinner Theatre productions with business themes. Productions included Who Killed the Business? and Who Killed the Customers? and Who Killed the Family Business? Each production premiered at The Centre Club in Tampa, Florida.


[1] Direct Mail Success is no longer in print.