The Make Money Faster Book

Writing like a Madison Avenue Marketing Pro

Make Money Faster: Writing Like a Madison Avenue Marketing Pro

 A logical, reliable, and efficient book for marketers by Gil Effron

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“Inspired by New York’s reputation for world-class advertising and marketing agencies, Make Money Faster: Writing Like a Madison Avenue Marketing Pro provides a reliable, efficient, and commonsense approach that significantly improves customer/client/prospect engagement and bottom-line outcomes.

“Whether you write for yourself, for an employer or for clients, and desire to make money faster, this book can help you and your bank account achieve overwhelming success!”

The Art of Marketing Writing is about applying and integrating the principles of marketing thinking, planning, and your intended outcomes and then stringing words and ideas together in such a way so they inspire your reader to act NOW!

Read the book. Then write your own review… what you liked best and the impact it could make in your thinking and in your marketing writing. Here’s the link


The goal of the book is “to strip away the complexities that are often associated with marketing thinking, planning and writing.” Effron promises that his system “works because it’s thorough!” And then he proceeds to prove it.

The analogy he uses is to a pilot who has their checklist to prepare for a flight and then anything and everything that could occur during that flight. Of course, having a marketing campaign crash and burn is a lot different from an aircraft, but, then again, if you are a small business owner who has just discovered that you have wasted your marketing budget on nonsense, that you got taken in by a marketing consultant who knows how to market themselves but not you, then maybe the analogy works on that level too!

The book, as Effron says, is the marketer’s checklist. The marketing plan is their flight plan. And the book, which is a quick and easy read, provides exactly that, the plan. That’s not accurate. It does not provide the plan, it provides a plan for the planning, an outline of the steps a business owner needs to take to properly communicate their value proposition to their prospects. Perhaps the key sentence in the book is, “It’s seeing the world through the eyes of prospects and clients.” That is what effective marketing is all about. –– Bruce A. Hurwitz, Ph.D. ­­–– 5 STAR REVIEW

I met Gil Effron at the CEO Clubs of NYC many years ago. I was privileged to be on his “sneak preview” list for his new book. In a word, Exceptional. He not only takes the mystery out of effective marketing writing, but provides a way to think, plan, and write like a marketing professional. I wish I learned this years ago. It would have made my life a lot simpler. –– Gary Anzalone, Razor Consulting, New York City.

Most businesses have a severe lack of copywriting competence. Poor grammar mixed with a disorganized structure and weak message are usually a sign that they have no clue what makes good marketing copy. Thanks to a preview of Gil’s new book, our entire direct marketing creative team is thinking like Madison Avenue marketing pros. –– Tom Panaggio, Marketing Team Leader, Author of The Risk Advantage, Speaker, Tampa, Florida.

After having the opportunity to review an advanced copy of his new book, I now understand exactly how he gets the results he does. I’m now writing promotional emails using his approach and I’m getting better results on my own than ever. –– Brian Martin, TMC Construction Services, Inc., Loveland, Ohio.

* Reviews posted above are from a preliminary PDF copy of the book prior to publication.